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🦞 Crawling all the way to success, Host a local crawl (Beer, Tacos, Food & More) πŸ˜‹

πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ On a recent trip I got to thinking about what I would pay to find the best local spots without having to do the research, thus our another business idea.

People travel and when people travel to your home town be the expert that shows them around. In todays world people want authentic experiences, be the person who can provide that authentic experience to a person or small group of travelers in your city by showing them the best beer, tacos or food and in the city crawl.

🧠 Setup

πŸ“± Website

Use a simple website builder to build a landing page for your food tour, to start with you want have any real reviews or photos so you will want to snap some photos of you and friends at the locations that you will be taking participants of your crawl. You could use a website builder like UMSO.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Pick your tour route

Find 4-5 locations that are β€œthe best” in a walkable part of town that you can take people to on your tour. This is going to be your first route. You could setup a theme or just mix in your favorite locations and list where the people will be going.

πŸ“… How to get bookings

Use a tool like Calendly, that allows you to connect a calendar date picker to a Stripe checkout link. This will allow to very simple and affordable handle your bookings, block out dates you do not want to work, & handle payment processing the simplest way.

πŸͺ Marketing

This is one of the business that is best marketed at the exact right time or at the time of a trip, so I think reddit threads would be good where people ask for β€œthings I should do in XYZ city” watch for this, also make sure to leave about 100 words for every one link and leave that link right at the end.

Also you will want to have an Instagram account where current people on your tours will take photos and tag you this will help with the social currency and spreads out the word in their circle of friends so instant marketing.

Lastly looking for a online market place of local tour’s and Google ad words for β€œXYZ Crawls” or β€œXYZ Tours” in your target city will be a great way to attract traffic.

Using my local city as a search term β€œguided pub crawl charlotte nc” I can see that no one is currently running paid ads that I can see so it might be an easy marketing Adwords play.

πŸ€‘ Pricing

A 4-5 location tour with 30-45 minutes a location, will probably take 2-3 hours to get through. Assuming you are running this solo and you want to make about 25-30 an hour you should charge between $50 & $90 once you dial in the cost to acquire a customer.

🎁 Wrap Up

This fairly simply business could be a great way to get your feet wet and learn the ropes of running a service business for someone who likes people and enjoys meeting new people. You could also only run this business as a side hustle on days that you do not work your day job so its a great way to start a side hustle in 2023 that shouldn’t require a ton of customer support.

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