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πŸ’° One Penny Business Ideas, Inspired By Ryan Trahan Penny Challenge! πŸ’‘

πŸ“ˆ Low cost business ideas or side hustles you can start for almost nothing and run full time or on the weekend

Currently Ryan Trahan is doing a one penny challenge again this year as a fundraiser to raise money for clean water. This YouTube series got me thinking of a few low cost business ideas that you can start that should be great side hustle.

πŸ§ƒ Selling Drinks

This ultra low cost idea can be started for just a few dollars, grab a 6 pack of water for $2 and sell each bottle for $2 making a net profit of $10. You can easily scale this up if you leave near a city center, beach, or tourist location by buying a cooler and 100 bottles of water. This side hustle can be done just about anywhere there are people in need.

✍️ 60 Second Caricature Drawings

This was a new one for me to learn about but if you have a tiny bit of artistic ability you can buy a pad of paper and pen then offer β€œdonation” only Caricature drawings done in 60 seconds. The goal here is to get the buys to laugh as you do the drawing, and be entertaining the drawings don’t have to be perfect since your only giving yourself 60 second you just have to be good enough and get the buyer to crack a smile. During the first video of this years series Ryan makes over $100 in just a few hours with this strategy.

🀑 Telling Jokes

This was a new side hustle and probably works on a street that has a few bars, but the gist of the plan here is to bet the person $1 you can make them laugh. This could be very hit or miss for you and your milage may very. Ryan makes this work due to his personality and if you want to try this you definitely will need to bring out some personality.

🫑 Few Other Idea

  • Walk dogs on wag

  • Deliver for Uber Eats by bike in a city center

  • Baby Sitting

  • Private Tutor

🎁 Wrap Up

Low cost side hustles can be a great way to get started on the basics of business. Using the above ideas you can learn sales, accounting, and other basic business concepts. You probably won’t get rich with the above ideas but if you have been looking for a place to start your side hustle these ideas might be right what you need!

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