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😎 One Simple Rule To Leave An Impression On Customers, Its Silly But Works 🀑

🫒 Meeting Your Customers Expectations Does Nothing For Your Brand!

Doing everything right still might not do anything to move your brand forward. People come into an business experience with set expectations either from customer reviews, your website, or a conversation with you. Meeting those expectations does nothing for your brand, but I recently heard this interesting trick the restaurant industry uses to push customer expectations into the exceed category.

The Story

To start with I’m not sure this is something you could do all the time but the gist of the story is this, at a restaurant you start with hypothetical customer satisfaction points. For every thing that happens you can earn points or loose points. If you end the night at a zero score then you meet the customers expectations. When a customer walks out with a zero score your team left zero impression and the customer might be back, they might write about it, and they might tell friends about the experience but probably not.

Now that you have the framework lets get into what oddly triggers positive points for a customer

  • No reservation & seated right away

  • Bringing the wrong food and correcting right quickly

  • Bringing kids cups without having to ask

What might trigger negative points for your customer?

  • Having a reservation & having to wait

  • Non attentive wait staff

  • Non clean table or silverware

  • Bringing the wrong food & unable to resolve quickly

Some of these might seem obvious but others might be vague & odd only being able to become a positive after a employee messes up.

Don’t be this ⬆️, train your staff to correct the wrongs!

🎁 Wrap Up

Training employees on what to do is important but also training employees on how to recover when they mess up is important as well & could actually be more important in exceeding your customer experience. When hearing this story I thought you can’t possibly training all your employees for every possible situation but what you can do is hire for the right attitude. Ensure your team is willing to bend over backwards to correct wrongs and you might just end up making loyal customers in the process.

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