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What is a productized service?

Imagine stepping into your favorite coffee shop, where the barista knows not just your name but your order too – a grande, double-shot, no-whip mocha with a dash of cinnamon. This isn’t just any coffee; it's your coffee, made the same delightful way, every single time. Now, let’s swap that coffee for a service. Voilà, you’ve got yourself a productized service!

A productized service takes the guesswork out of the equation, packaging your expertise into a neatly tied bow. It’s like offering a set menu of services, where clients can pick A, B, or C, knowing exactly what they’re getting, how much it costs, and how long it will take. No more haggling, no more endless customizations.

Why does this matter to you, the aspiring business wizard? Because in the magical world of entrepreneurship, productized services are your spellbook for scaling. They allow you to replicate your successes with the efficiency of a fast-food chain, but with the personal touch of your local mom-and-pop store. It's time to turn your service into a product and watch your business brew like the perfect cup of coffee.

Some Examples Of Productized Service

  • Design Pickle 

    • Productized design services

  • Hey Foster

    • Productized customer support for startups, solo ventures, and e-commerce stores looking to get the founder off inbound support.

  • Marvel

    • Content Writing as a service!

  • Pocket Dev

    • Software developer as a productized service, can you say unlimited!

  • Out Reach Pro

    • Lead Generation done for you!

  • Robot Social

    • Social media management done for you.

  • Podcast Buffs

    • Podcast editing as a service.

  • WP Buffs

    • Wordpress site management done 24/7 for you.

Design Joy, How one man is doing 7 figures alone

Imagine diving into a treasure chest filled not with gold, but with designs so sleek they make Apple products look like they're from the 90s. This is the world of DesignJoy, a one-man wonder that's flipping the script on the design industry, all while raking in a cool 7 figures. How, you ask? By mastering the art of productized design services, DesignJoy has transformed what typically involves back-and-forth chaos into a streamlined, subscription-based paradise. It's like Netflix, but instead of binging on shows, you're feasting on top-tier designs.

For the lone wolves and dreamers itching to carve out their empire from the comfort of their living room, DesignJoy is the beacon of hope. It proves you don't need a Silicon Valley address or a team the size of a small country to hit the jackpot. All you need is a killer idea, the guts to productize it, and perhaps a dash of design flair. So, buckle up, future moguls! Let's dive into how DesignJoy's one-man show is teaching us all a lesson in making it big by keeping it beautifully simple. Your blueprint to 7-figure success without the corporate headaches starts here.

Anyone can productized something they excel at!

In the world of [Your Skill], wielding your wand to cast spells of transformation and innovation. Now, you're thinking, "How do I turn this magical prowess into a towering mountain of gold coins?" Fear not, for the alchemy of productizing your service is about to unfold in your very hands!

First, envision your skill as a boundless treasure chest. To unlock its potential, you must carve it into enchanting artifacts—products that solve not just any problem, but the Dragon-sized pains of your chosen knights and damsels in the business realm.

Next, summon your inner Merlin to craft an irresistible spell—a unique selling proposition that makes your offering stand out like a unicorn in a herd of horses. It's not just about what you do; it's about how you make your clients feel like they've just won the business jousting tournament.

Then, build your castle on the digital clouds. Your online presence is your kingdom's gateway, inviting would-be allies and patrons from across the lands. Use the magic of storytelling to connect, enchant, and convert those who seek your unique powers.

As you embark on this quest, remember: every skill, no matter how niche or arcane, has the potential to be your golden goose. So, polish your wand, plot your course, and let's turn that skill into a 7-figure empire that legends are made of. Ready? Let the adventure begin!

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